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Floral art in all its forms
Our partners Florist Designer

“There are flowers everywhere for anyone who wants to see them.” Cécilia Flor & Sébastien the Florist

"White, the absolute color, inspires floral trends and adorns flowers with nuanced reflections. In my hands, an artisan florist, white comes back to life to become the symbol of elegance. Creation is our profession and our passion."

Quality work with a refined and authentic vision of floral decoration Charlotte Flower & Twig

Flower and Twig is a high-end floral design agency, specializing for 7 years in wedding flowers, in the south of France and abroad. Passionate and attentive to the wishes of our future bride and groom, we like every detail to be thought out with harmony and elegance and we put all our heart into making your floral arrangements for this day filled with emotion and sharing.

The flower in all its guises Maison DCM | Floral & Wedding Designer

"I am Déborah, creator of Maison DCM.

Florist for 10 years, I quickly specialized in events.

Being passionate, I am obviously a perfectionist who will leave no detail to chance.

I am constantly looking for that little extra that will make the difference during your events.

A new technique, texture work, colorimetry...

Floral art has so many possibilities.

Maison DCM is defined by a tailor-made experience:

I will accompany you throughout the months leading up to your wedding, we will work hand in hand to create a completely personalized floral design for your most beautiful day."

Accomplished, Qualified and Passionate artisan florist, my creations combine know-how and modernity Wild Herbs

"With my training and 20 years of experience, I will offer you a tailor-made project.

It is guided by our discussions that I will be able to bring your ideas to life to make this day so special. I draw inspiration from your story and your personalities to offer you a project that suits you.

That's without taking into account that I'm going to add my little note of unstructured madness to all of this so that your wedding is unlike any other."

“I like to play with shapes, textures and colors so that each creation is unique” The April 8 workshop - florist

Faustine from the April 8 workshop, puts her experience as a florist specializing in events to the service of the most beautiful day of your life.

Adept of the little details that make the difference, she knows how to take all the time necessary to understand your tastes, your ideas and your expectations. In line with your budget, she will create tailor-made floral arrangements for the big day for a wedding that suits you.

I create a floral universe that suits you for all your events Mélaine Goupil - Bois Fleuri

At BOIS FLEURI, we are experts in flowers. We spend our days creating beautiful arrangements for your enjoyment. We offer a stunning variety of fresh cut flowers, beautiful designs and unique products. Bouquets and floral arrangements made with taste following the seasons, in our small workshop located in Provence.